For indivisible prizes, such as trophies, championship titles, free entries, etc., the following Tiebreak systems are used to break ties among players with the same final score.


What if several players are tied at the end with the same score?


      We have a new Magnus League Tiebreak for this season!  A player receives 1 Tiebreak point for each game played in a match date, as well as games won by forfeit and assigned full-point byes.  This is added to the player's score for that match date to produce the Magnus League Tiebreak. A player does not receive any Tiebreak points for half-point or zero-point byes.  For example, if a player wins both games, the player's Magnus League Tiebreak is 1 point for each game played plus the score in each game:  1 + 1 for each game played + 1 + 1 for each game won = 4 Magnus League Tiebreak points.  If a player loses both games the player's Magnus League Tiebreaks would be 1 + 1 for each game played + 0 + 0 = 2 Magnus League Tiebreak points.  If a player wins one game and loses one game (or draws both games), the player's Magnus League Tiebreak Points would be 1 + ` (for playing both games) + 1 point scored in the two games = 3 Magnus League Tiebreak Points.  If a player takes two half-point byes on a match date, the player's Magnus League Tiebreaks would be 0 + 0 for the two requested byes and 1/2-point towards the player's score for each half-point bye = 1 Magnus League Tiebreak Point.


    The normal system of awarding points (1 point for a win, 1/2-point for a draw or a half-point bye and 0 points for a loss) will still apply for calculating a player's score.  The Magnus League Tiebreaks are only used to break ties for any indivisible (non-cash) prizes which may be awarded over the course of the Season.


    The Magnus League Tiebreak is a new tiebreak system developed for the Magnus League.  It awards extra credit to players who play their games, even if they should lose.


     For players who are still tied, the following Tiebreak Order will be used.


The tiebreak systems used are:

      1.      Solkoff Tiebreaks:  add adjusted scores (any games unplayed by your opponent are adjusted to count as a -point) of all opponents,

      2.      Cumulative Tiebreaks (add your cumulative scores after each round),

      3.      Modified Median Tiebreaks (add the adjusted scores of your opponents, disregarding the least significant (usually the lowest-scoring opponent).

               The Modified Median system does not work as well to break ties in two-game events, and it would not work as well to add up the Modified Median Tiebreaks over the course of several two-game events.

      4.      Cumulative of Opposition (sum of the cumulative tiebreaks of all your opponents),

      5.      Game/10 or Game/5 or similar playoff (this is the method used to break perfect score ties, such as 5-0 or 6-0).
The above tiebreaks are also used to break ties among individuals who are tied for a specific place on the same team.



                For team awards, the same order is expected to be used; however, as this format is still a work in progress, the team tiebreaks are under review for possible improvements.



               In extreme circumstances, the Tournament Director may use a different tiebreak system if the above systems do not work.