Magnus League Highlights Individual Results For Remainder of 2016-17 Academic Year:

Browning, Collegiate and Stuyvesant Tie For First With 2 Points

While Michael Tambaro Tops Individual Scoreboard With 4 Points,

With Marco Ramdas In Second With 3 Points

January 29th, March 5th and April 30th Consolidated Tournament Report

By Steve Immitt, National Tournament Director

††††††††††† Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School, 36 West 93rd Street, just west of Central Park West in Manhattan, also hosted the final three Magnus High School Chess League events of the 2016-2017 academic year. League Founder and Commissioner, International Arbiter Sophia Rohde, as usual, provided on-site logistical support and hospitality to those in attendance.

††††††††††† The Fourth Round of the Magnus League took place on January 29, 2017. ††Brooklyn Tech and Bronx Science were each represented by one player, while Columbia Grammar and Prep and Stuyvesant High School each had two players.It was decided to pair the four lowest-rated players in a double-round Swiss:the first game was played Game/60 with a 10-second delay, and the second game was Game/30 with a 10-second delay.

††††††††††† Marco Ramdas (1329) of Brooklyn Tech High School scored two points over Cole Tambaro (892) of Columbia, while Michael Tambaro (857) of Bronx Science defeated Ashley Arango (109) of Columbia in both games.

††††††††††† The other double-match of the day featured a more unusual format.International Master Alex Ostrovskiy (2489), who was on hand to analyze the playersí games and answer questions, played two simultaneous Game/60 + 10-second delay games against the Stuyvesant High School duo of Sophie Morris-Suzuki (2106) and Shaina Peters (1705).†† Alex won both games.

††††††††††† His two victories propelled Michael Tambaro to the top of the individual standings, with 4 points.The team standings were unaffected from December 4th.

††††††††††† The complete results from Round Four on January 29th have been posted at:


††††††††††† Three schools were represented for the Fifth Round of the Magnus League on March 5th.The Collegiate Schoolís triad of Marcello Berger, and the brothers David and Steven Moon, had a substantially higher average team rating (1596.7) than the Cole Tambaro and Eva Puijenbroek duo from Columbia Grammar and Prep (849.5).Maxwell Beem (1836) was the sole player from the Browning School.

††††††††††† The tournamentís top seed, Marcello Berger of Collegiate (2020) won his game against second-ranked Maxwell Beam (1836), while David (1416) and Steven (1354) Moon of the Dutchmen defeated Cole Tambaro (922) and Eva Puijenbroek (777), respectively, of the home team Lions.

††††††††††† Their respective victories put Collegiate School into a three-way tie for First Team, and gave Marcello Berger possession of Second Place among individuals.

††††††††††† Marc Arnold, Columbia Grammar and Prepís first International Grandmaster of Chess, was on hand to go over games from the players and answer their questions.

††††††††††† The complete results from Round Five on March 5th have been posted at:


††††††††††† Five different schools attended the sixth and final meeting of the 2016-17 academic year of the Magnus League on April 30th.However, only two of the players were from the same school:New Yorkís Browning School.Once again, International Master Alex Ostrovskiy (2501) came to the rescue, and the peculiar pairing predicament was solved in a way similar to January 29th.The three-time New York State Champion assayed two Game/25 + 10-second delay games against the two highest-rated players, the Browning duo of Maxwell Beem (1775) and Hugh Chapin (1747) simultaneously, and was victorious both times.

††††††††††† Meanwhile, the remaining four players were paired in a traditional Game/60 + 10-second delay Swiss-System format.Acoye Downer (1375) from the Manhattan Center for Science and Math, a first-time Magnus player, defeated Cole Tambaro (919) of Columbia Grammar and Prep, while Marco Ramdas (1337) of Brooklyn Tech won against Michael Tambaro (832) of Bronx Science.

††††††††††† When he wasnít playing a simul, IM Ostrovskiy was on hand to analyze games from the players, including his own!

††††††††††† The final roundís results did not affect the team standings, which concluded with a three-way tie among New York Cityís Browning and Collegiate Schools and Stuyvesant High School, with each school scoring two points.

††††††††††† Michael Tambaro of Bronx Science took First Place in the individual standings with 4 points.Marco Ramdas of Brooklyn Tech finished Second with 3 points.

††††††††††† The complete results from Round Six on April 30th have been posted at:


††††††††††† This brings to a conclusion our fourth season of the Magnus High School Chess League.


††††††††† Many Thanks to Everyone who took part in the Magnus League this school year, and we look forward to welcoming you back again in the Fall for our fifth edition!

(Magnus standings and match results, along with USCF-rated results, can also be seen at the Magnus League webpage at as well).