2018 New York State Girls Championship Free Entry Prizewinners And Restrictions Are Listed Below!

1.  K1 Championship               
Alexandra Phung:                 2 free CCA entries thru 12/31/2018!
2.  K-3 Championship              
Sofia Dewan:                         2 free CCA entries thru 12/31/18!
3.  K-6 Championship              
Emily Booncharoen:              2 free CCA entries thru 12/31/2018!         
4.  Open Championship            WFM
Martha Samadashvili:  2 free CCA entries thru 12/31/2018!

All free entries in the Championship Sections are for specified CCA torunaments: 

We look forward to seeing the Championship Sections winners in upcoming Continental Chess tournaments!


     Individual free entry prizes (each Championship section):  Free entry to TWO specified Continental Chess tournaments thru 12/31/2018 to 1st!

     Free entries courtesy of Continental Chess. A "specified Continental Chess (or CCA) tournament" is a tournament, from those listed here, with all the prizes 100% unconditionally guaranteed.
See www.chesscenter.cc or www.littlehouseofchess.com or www.chesstour.com for more information.

To contact Continental Chess, please email:  director@chess.us