2019 Greater New York Scholastics


Friday Night Blitz Booster


Trophies Are Awarded To

The Three Top-Scoring Individuals

as well as

The Top-Scoring Player Rated Under 1800

as well as

The Top-Scoring Player Under 1500 or Unrated



What if several players are tied at the end with the same score? The order of tiebreak systems used is:


      1.      Modified Median Tiebreaks (add the scores of your opponents, disregarding the least significant (usually the lowest-scoring opponent); any games unplayed by your opponent are adjusted to count as a -point).  If still tied,

      2.      Solkoff Tiebreaks (add adjusted scores of all opponents),

      3.      Cumulative Tiebreaks (add your cumulative scores after each round),

      4.      Cumulative of Opposition (sum of the cumulative tiebreaks of all your opponents),

      5.      Game/10 or Game/5 or similar playoff (this is the only method used to break perfect score ties, such as 5-0 or 6-0).


               In extreme circumstances, the Tournament Director may use a different tiebreak system if the above systems do not work.