Saturday,  June 16, 2007 - New York City:

6th Annual
New Yorker June Game/50 Open!

30 USCF/ Grand Prix Points!

     Five-Round, Swiss-System Chess Tournament (5 games, no elimination), 50 minutes per player,  (GAME/50), in the beautifully remodeled and well-lighted 3rd Floor Conference Center, New Yorker Hotel, 
481 Eighth Avenue at 34th Street, across from Penn Station (near 33rd Street PATH trains), New York City: 212-971-0101.

$$2,100 Guaranteed Prizes  in 2 separate sections!

1. Open Section (open to all).  30 Grand Prix Points!
1st - $500,  2nd - $250,  3rd - $100,
Top-scoring player rated Under 2400 (or Unrated): $160,
Top-scoring player rated Under 2200: $150,
Top-scoring player rated Under 2000: $140

2. Under 1800 Section
(open to players rated Under 1800, or Unrated players).
1st -
$400,  2nd - $200,  3rd - $100 
($100 prize limit to Unrated players).
Top-scoring player rated Under 1600: $105,
Top-scoring player rated Under 1400: $95


On-site registration ends 10:30 am Saturday.

Round times:   11:00 am, 1:30 pm,  3:30 pm,  5:30 pm,  7:30 pm.



     On-site registration is only for players who have not registered in advance! Players who have already registered in advance DO NOT also need to register on site-- just be at the tournament in time for your first game!

     Entry fee discounts:  $20 less to Unrated players (only players with 3 games or less are unrated) $20 less to rated players who also enter the NY Junior Championship  (1-Day Schedule) on Sunday,  June 17th;  GMs free ($30 from prize).


      Limit of 2 byes, must commit before 1:30 pm.  Re-entry: $30.

      Official June USCF ratings (and CCA minimum ratings, if any) used.  Current U.S. Chess Federation membership is required to participate (in any USCF-rated tournament), and membership dues may be paid when registering for tournament.

     There is a $5 charge for each player entry fee refund requested through June 13; $10 charge per player beginning June 14 until at least 30 minutes before game time.  USCF Membership dues are forwarded to the USCF-- membership dues are not refundable.

     To withdraw from the tournament thru June 14, call 845-569-9969, or email us at

     After June 14, call 845-569-9969, or 212-971-0101 and speak to the Tournament Director-- DO NOT LEAVE ANY MESSAGES WITH THE HOTEL SWITCHBOARD, as these are unlikely to be received in time to prevent you from losing on forfeit!).  No refunds for players who do not show up for their tournament game and do not provide the Tournament Director with at least 30 minutes notice that they will not be coming (resulting in a "no show" forfeit loss).


Bring sets, clocks, boards-- none are supplied!
(A Large Selection of Chess Sets, Books and Equipment will be on sale at the tournament!)



The Greater New York Bughouse Championship: Saturday 8 pm!