6th Annual New York State Girls' Chess Championship!

Free Analysis Of Your Games On Sunday By WGM Rusudan Goletiani!

See Below For Expanded Eligibility In Premier Championship Section



US Chess Junior Grand Prix (Top 3 Championship Sections Only)

A State Championship Event!

November 19-20 (Saturday-Sunday) or Saturday November 19 or Sunday November 20, 2022

     Presented by Little House of Chess and Chess Center of New York.
Open to all girls born after 11/20/02 (see details below), out of state welcome, Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School, 36 West 93rd St. (some sections are played at 4 or 5 West 93rd St.), all are between Central Park West & Columbus Ave., NYC. Subways: Broadway & 96th Street (1,2,3 trains), Central Park West & 96th Street (B, C trains). 

     Online entries at www.chessgirls.win (2-Day Championship sections): $85 thru 11/13/22, $95 11/14-17; (1-Day sections): $74 thru 11/13/22, $84 11/14-17.  All sections: $100 after 11/17 until registration closes (on-site entries may not be available). The online entry fees are only valid using our website (other entries may be higher and may not be available).

      May be limited to 350 players!  Entries may be subject to waiting list. See website for latest COVID policies.

      In 8 sections. Each section has its own age, (grade) and rating requirements (Championship sections open to all who are under age (and grade) limits-- but see NEW details below for Premier Championship Section;  unrated allowed all sections except Premier Championship).

    1. Premier Championship (USCF and FIDE-Rated), 6 Rounds, Swiss-System (6-SS). Rounds: Sat. 10 am-1:30 pm-5 pm; Sun. 9 am-12:30 pm-3:30 pm, G/60, d30, open to all girls born after 11/20/02 rated 1400+ (currently or within the past 12 months) and their school teammates, and invitees (the top NYS K-12 girl qualifies for 2023 National Girls Tournament of Champions in Grand Rapids, Michigan).

  2. K-6 Championship, 2-days: 6-SS, G/60, d10. Rounds: Sat.10 am-1-4 pm; Sun. 9 am-12 pm-3 pm. 

  3. K-3 Championship, 2-days: 6-SS, G/60, d10. Rounds: Sat.10 am-1-4 pm; Sun. 9 am-12 pm-3 pm. 

  4. K-12 Under 1800, 5 Rounds, Swiss-System (5-SS), G/30, d5.  Rounds: 9 am-11-12:30-2-3:30 pm Sunday.

  5. K-12 Under 1200, 5-SS, G/30, d5 (Playing on Saturday only is K-12 Under 1200. Rounds: 10 am-12-1:30-3-4:45 pm Sat).

  6. K-6 Under 900, 5-SS, G/30, d5.  Rounds: 9 am-11-12:30-2-3:30 pm Sunday.

  7. K-3 Under 600, 5-SS, G/30, d5.  Rounds: 9 am-11-12:30-2-3:30 pm Sunday.

  8. K-1 Championship. 5-SS, G/30, d5.  Rounds: 9 am-11-12:30-2-3:30 pm Sunday.

    K-1 open to grades 1/below born after 11/20/14.  Both K-3 sections open to grades 3/below born after 11/20/12. Both K-6 sections open to grades 6/below born after 11/20/09. Both K-12 sections open to grades 12/below born after 11/20/02.

    Awards:  K-12 U1200 6:30 pm Sat.; other 1-Day sections about 5 pm Sun.; K-3 & K-6 2-Day Championship sections about 6 pm Sun, Premier Championship about 6:30 pm Sun. earlier if possible) to top 10 each section and top 2 Unr. in each 1-Day section, awards listed on website. Grade awards: top 3 K/below in K-1 section, top 3 below 2nd grade in K-3 U600, top 3 below 4th grade in K-6 U900 and top 3 below 9th grade in K-12 U1200 (you can win both plaque + trophy + medal). All players scoring 4 or more (5 or more in 2-Day sections) who don't win a trophy or plaque receive a medal! Speed playoff for 5-0 or 6-0. Plaques also to top 3 teams each section, plus top 3 overall teams across all sections-- but 2-Day Sections just count rounds 1-5 (top 3 scorers from same school = team, all on team must attend same school: no combined teams).

    Individual free/reduced-price entry prizes (in each 2-Day Championship section):  Free/reduced-price entry to 3 specified Continental Chess tournaments thru 12/31/23 to 1st, 2 entries to 2nd, 1 to 3rdOne free/reduced-price entry to 1st in each 1-Day section!  Free/reduced-price entries courtesy of Continental Chess and are valid for CCA tournaments with 100% unconditionally guaranteed prize funds (not valid for NYS Scholastics in Saratoga Springs). See website for complete details and restrictions. All: Out-of-state eligible for prizes but top NYS player and team each section are NYS Champions.

    November 2022 official ratings used (Online Regular used if no OTB Regular), except unofficial ratings at uschess.org usually used if otherwise unrated. TD reserves right to assign estimated ratings to players with non-USCF ratings. Players with Official Online Regular Ratings over 100 points over section maximum are not eligible for free/reduced-price entry prizes. Code of Conduct (on website) applies to players, parents, coaches and spectators. Electronic device restrictions: see website. All substitutions from advance entry list charged late fee. Section switches subject to $10 extra charge per player after 11/17. $15 service charge for each player refund. TD reserves right to reassign sections for advance entries with incorrect or unclear registrations. Limit 2 byes, commit before rd. 3. HR:  see travel websites for nearby hotels in NYC. Info, help with entries, parking, etc: www.chessgirls.win.

   Questions: director@chessgirls.win

(or 347-201-2269: leave message, email is much better). Tournament will also contribute at least $1 extra per player to the NYSCA Scholastic Fund. Sets provided by Little House of Chess-- bring digital clocks!