Dear New York State Girls’ Championships Prizewinner,


     Congratulations on your excellent accomplishment in the 6th Annual New York State Girls’ Chess Championship! The top-scorers in this event are also eligible for free or reduced-price entry into Continental Chess tournaments, through December 31, 2023!  The 2023 World Open (June 30-July 4, top sections or June 23-25, lower sections) offers instead a $100 discount off the regular online entry fee.  The Continental Chess Tournament Schedule is posted at (this year we are expanding the list of eligible tournaments to include the New York State Scholastic Championships in Saratoga Springs in March and the Liberty Bell Open in Philadelphia in January, in addition to most all of the other Continental Chess tournaments)!  


    These entry prizes are an additional way for us to express our Congratulations to you for your achievements in the New York State Girls’ Championships, while also providing those players who qualify an opportunity to hone their chess skills by playing in more challenging events against experienced tournament players.


    The free/reduced price CCA entry prizewinners are posted on the New York State Girls’ Championship website at:  under Pairings & Results:


     These prizes are non-transferable.


     To use your free/reduced entry fee prizes, if you qualify, please email Continental Chess at with the subject line "Using My 2022 NY State Girls’ Championships Free/Reduced Entry Prize," and please tell us:


1.   Your name and USCF ID (if you are entering an online event, also please list your ICC Username).

2.   In which section of the 2022 New York State Girls’ Championship did you play, and which prize did you win?

3.   Which section (and also which playing schedule) of which upcoming Continental Chess tournament are you entering with your free/reduced entry fee prize?


     All players must also be current USCF members through the end of the tournament they are entering.


       Please send us the above information before the advance entry deadline of the Continental Chess tournament you are entering.


      We hope these prizes will encourage you to try out playing in some tournaments you might not otherwise have considered, because gaining valuable experience playing good players will help your efforts to improve. 


     Please email:  for Continental Chess.


     Congratulations Again, and Good Luck in your future events!



                   Steve Immitt

           Continental Chess