New York State Girls Championship:

Code Of Conduct For Players, Parents, Coaches And Spectators

            To make our tournament a more positive experience for the many young players, your own child among them, and also to enhance the integrity of our game, we have adopted a Code of Conduct for our playing and non-playing participants  (Updated 10/1/2022).

1.      The games are between the two players only.  Parents and spectators may not interfere with games in progress.  They do not have the right to make claims of rules violations in games in progress.  They may not implement penalties for violations of the rules or in response to behavior by another player.


2.     Players may not receive assistance in their games from third parties or from chess-playing devices.  Electronic scorekeeping devices are prohibited (special accessibility requests, accompanied by a physician’s statement, must be approved at least 3 days in advance).


3.      Every person has the right to expect to be treated with respect--  from the opponent, the staff and from other parents and coaches.


4.     No players, parents, coaches or spectators may interfere with a tournament official in the performance of his or her duties.


5.     Bullying, harassing, threatening or assaulting a staff member or tournament official is unacceptable behavior.


6.      Players, parents, coaches or spectators may not undertake actions inimical to the best interests of the tournament.

7.      It IS ALLOWED for players, parents, coaches and spectators to encourage each other and be considerate, especially of those in special circumstances.