Continental Chess Tournaments In 2019-2020 Honoring New York State Girls Championship Free Entry Prizes!


Details of individual tournaments listed below can be found on the Continental Chess website  (some details may not be available until about 90 days before event)

This list is subject to change based upon the site availability for some of the tournaments listed below; more tournament details to be forthcoming and more events may also be added.

A number of the tournaments listed do not yet have operating URLs; however, most of the tournaments listed below are expected to honor the NY State Girls Free Entry Prizes


Golden State Open

Southwest Class

George Washington Open

Western Class Championships

Mid-America Open

Southern Class Championships

Eastern Class Championships


Individual free entry prizes (each Championship section):  Free entry to three specified Continental Chess tournaments thru 12/31/2020 to 1st, two free entries to 2nd, 1 free entry to 3rd!

Individual free entry prizes (each 1-Day, Non-Championship section):  Free entry to one specified Continental Chess tournament thru 12/31/2020 to 1st!

     Free entries courtesy of Continental Chess. A "specified Continental Chess (or CCA) tournament" is a tournament, from those listed here, with all the prizes 100% unconditionally guaranteed.  See or for more information.  FREE ENTRIES DO NOT INCLUDE the 2020 NY State Scholastics in Saratoga Springs.

To contact Continental Chess, please email: